CMKA ® Profile

The usage of new generation of heat-exchange elements at the stations that use liquid and solid fuels increases and stabilizes heat removal with an increase in the efficiency of the gross boiler and a reduction in the consumption of electric energy for own needs for draft and blowing and ensures stable long-term operation of the boiler.

The profile parameters of the filling and spacing sheets make it possible to increase the heat transfer capacity of baskets by intensifying the heat-exchange of the sheet surface relative to the same value for a smooth surface in the previously used cold end baskets.         

The presence of inclined waves at the filling sheets allows the channels between the spacing and filling sheets to intercommunicate, which increases the stability of baskets to contamination.
However, the design features of new generation of heat-exchange elements alone do not guarantee the availability of the above properties. Most of the characteristics of CMKA® heat exchange elements is KNOW-HOW of the manufacturer.