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For 20 years, we have been improving the efficiency of the boiler units of power plants at which CMKA® heat elements are installed in the regenerative air heaters (RAH). From 2005 to 2017, the total fuel savings from the introduction of different types of CMKA® heat elements amounted to more than 3 billion Euro. More information about the advantages of CMKA® heat elements

The CMKA® high-performance heat-exchange elements are designed to replace the design heat elements of RAH of any boilers of Russian or foreign production, including enamelled heat-exchange elements, which we manufacture together with the Dutch company Ferro Techniek BV, which has been creating enamel coatings for more than 80 years. More information on the applicability of CMKA® heat-exchange elements.

The increase in the efficiency of the boiler unit after installing the CMKA® heat elements is on average 2%, but may be up to 4.7% and higher. It is possible both due to the heat-exchange surface of a new generation, and due to the aerodynamic heat calculations, which we perform for each individual boiler taking into account its unique characteristics and features. Design features of CMKA® heat elements.

As at December 2017, one in two power station in Russia replaced the design heat elements for the highly efficient CMKA® heat elements. In addition, the company supplies products to Latin America, India, the countries of the former USSR. More about us.

And the most interesting is how much CMKA® heat-exchange elements will be effective for your boiler and how much fuel will be saved. You will be able to find out this within the next three working days, ordering for us aerodynamic heat calculations (clicking on the button below).

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