The influence of the different characteristics on the work of the CMKA® profile

In order to choose the most effective option of the CMKA℗ heat-exchange elements for a particular boiler unit, it is extremely desirable for us, as a designer, to obtain all the parameters of its functioning:

  • Type and composition of fuel used;
  • Fuel consumption;
  • The temperature of the flue gases at the inlet into the RAH;
  • Air inleakage into the furnace;
  • The temperature of the cold air in front of the RAH;
  • Availability of bypasses and recirculation systems. The degree of opening of control carcass.
If necessary, our specialists are ready to assist in carrying out the necessary measurements for this, including visits to the client, including, with the involvement of well-established third-party organizations. Note that the knowledge given above is not a mere formality: it is a key condition for ensuring high efficiency of the functioning of the equipment supplied by us.

In addition, when carrying out aerodynamic heat calculations, the engineers of The Alternative Ltd. not only select the most effective heat-exchange elements, but also model possible future changes in the parameters of the boiler's operation (reconstruction, modernization, etc.) in such a way that its efficiency remains unchanged.